Sunday, November 20, 2005

getting caught up...

I think tomorrow things will be getting back to normal. A normal day at home, getting caught up on day to day things.

Cleaning up the joint, hopefully getting some scrapbooking done. There are three new manufacturer design team calls out. And like a fool, I'm gonna try out for all three. Who doesn't need a little rejection before Christmas?? I'm due for some scrapbook related rejection! YA! (*insert loser sign here*)

Anyways! So I'm going to do some work for that. Gotta make Jamie a birthday card too. He's turning the big 28 on Thursday. 28! He's like a man! Freaking me out. I hate getting older. My birthday is less than two months away *shudder*.

Finally had a date with Harry Potter today!!!! Talked my 8 year old cousin, Rebecca into coming with me. It was a 'crash test mommy' type day. We were late getting into Bathurst where we spent 105$ on groceries in 10 minutes! I rammed into her with the cart, it was all good. ;) Sorry Becca.

Then we were off to see HP & the goblet of fire. Pretty impressed with this movie!!

My pet peeve as always is that stuff is left out of the book. I know they have to leave stuff out, but in a way I wish the movie would be 10 hours long just so every tiny detail could be played out on the silver screen.

Well that is that! Looking forward to a new day tomorrow!!


Nito said...


I was randomly blog surfing when I found your blog :3. I also saw Harry Potter recently. Tres Fun. I also noticed you live in canada, so do I!

Anyways, Harry Potter. I share your peeve about how much was left out. I was most disappointed with the third task. I thought "No Sphinx? No Riddle? No Spider? AND WHERE THE HECK WAS WINKY!?!?" Yes, Winky was also sadly left out. Poor, poor Winky.

Keep on blogging my fellow Canadian. =)


nadine said...

will you hurt me if i tell you i've never seen any of the harry potter movies and never read the books?