Thursday, November 24, 2005


I just realized how far behind I am with the whole wedding planning thing.

To bad my wedding planning didn't actually 'plan' the details of the wedding, cuz frankly I just procrastinate for just way too long.

The wedding is like 9 months and 1 week away or something. So I'm staring at my wedding checklist and for 9 months, here are things I HAVE NOT COMPLETED.....

---If you're having an engagement party, set a date, draft a guest list, and purchase your invitations. (we have been engaged for over two years, so that just seems dumb)

---Book your reception site. (ooops!)

---Choose your bridesmaids/groomsmen and ask them to be in the wedding party. (haven't 'officially' done this yet, and Jamie hasn't decided on his best man)

---Find a ceremony site (only the spawns of the devil is going to work this one out)

---Finalize the guest list (HA! This checklist is out of control. Finalize?? That is never gonna happen).

---Sign your caterer contract & send in deposit (comes with the reception site, that I HAVEN'T BOOKED YET!)

So really, when should I start stressing about this??


Chandra said...

Ahhh start stressing about it the day before the wedding.
But I do need to know where I can get my dress hahah. So you can add that to your list too!
love ya
Can't wait!!

~LN said...

No worries Melissa - I planned my entire wedding in less than 6 months!
Let me know if you need any advice!