Monday, December 26, 2005


Every year I say the same thing... I am way too spoiled, but every xmas it seems I get more and more. Here are 3 pics stitched together to kinda show my goodies.

Here is what I got...

Jacket from American Eagle (from Jamie)
Purse from American Eagle (from Jamie)
Woolen Sweater from American Eagle (from Susie)
Fleece Hoodie from American Eagle (from my parents)
3 shirts & a tank from American Eagle (can u tell I love AE? ) (all 4 items from susie)
pj's (from Jamie's mom)
Scrappers toolbelt (from Jamie)
MM velvet letter stickers & tin frame (from Jamie)
Style @ home mag (from Jamie)
Scrapbook Answers mag (from my parents)
"The big picture" idea book (from Jamie)
Heidi Swapp foam stamps (from Corey)
Huge glass jar for my sb room (from my parents)
Socks & body shop lip balm (from Susie)
Canon 50mm 1.8 lense (from my parents)
Canon 75-300mm lense (from Corey)
Mittens, Candle & 50 gc to the scrapbook store (From my dad's parents)
"Wordart" Wall rub on ( from Jana)
Poker set (from Jana)
Willow Tree figurine (from Jana)
Softest blanket ever (from my parents)
Tragically Hip 4 disc cd/dvd boxed set (from my parents)
Enamel basket/magazine holder (from my parents)
Enamel basket (from my mom's parents)
Tripod (from my parents)
Fruit & nut mix (from my parents)

Stocking stuffers...

From Jamie...
Peanut M&M's
Lindor red chocolates
Water bottle
Soduku Book

From my parents...
Satsuma Shower gel from the body shop
3 different kinds of hot sauce
2 precious moments ornaments


Shelley Rankin said...

wow look at that loot girl! You hit the jackpot! :) And woohoo on the 50mm. You will love it. Wait until you have kids someday. The big "takes" at Christmas just don't seem to happen anylonger. Enjoy it while you can! Bwaahhaa.

Missed ya when you came to Freddy. I will forgive you this time! :P

andie said...

wowsers!!! you did get spoiled!!!

~Caro~ said...

WHOA are you ever spoiled! OMG!!! I am extremely jealous. Because once ya have kids, ya get nothing. Lemme see... I got tome 2 of the sisterhood of the traveling pants book, my perfume and embossing powder and ink from DH. Kids went to the dollar store and picked up stuff for me: A set of pen and pencil from Etienne, a set of stamping markers (dont ask) from Xavier and cookies from Bea. LMAO.
That is the extent of my Christmas gifts. *sigh*
But I had a great time and as soon as I have a few minutes I will blog about it and post pictures!

nadine said...

look at all that loot! love seeing all the present picture posts right now!