Sunday, December 18, 2005

I. Am. Here.

Well, I'm back!

My weekend was filled with Ups and Downs...

The ups being... staying with Uncle Blain, Angela, Baby Gracelyn & Roxy.
...visiting with my Pospolita girls
...going to nick's store
The down's being...THE WORST DAY OF SHOPPING EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And being there so darn long that I didn't get a chance to get together with Nick and Shelley and I didn't even call to say sorry. I am so awful!!!!!! Please forgive me girls!!

Nothing on my shopping list got completed.
Xmas. stinks.


jana said...

man, i had the worst xmas shopping ever too!! i couldn't find anything i liked! i'm so shopped out, its not even funny. went shopping in c'ton today... i'm officially done... that being said, i found you 2 presents which i am pleased with. yay for me!

nadine said...

aw sad!

~Caro~ said...

That bites!!!

(side note: if you notice, now your personal info is all at the bottom of the page... just shorten the amount of !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! you put LOL... ;) )

Dee said...

Hey Sissa, the Pospolita girls were so happy to see you too!! Thanks for taking time to come and see us. We miss you!! Have a great Christmas and New Year. Love ya...