Saturday, December 24, 2005

Santa is coming tonight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so excited!! And thankfully, I'm not sick! Woo!

I still believe in the magic of Christmas. I know there is no 'Santa' but there is a Santa in my heart. I love Christmas eve, just as much as Christmas day.

Today is going to be another long & busy day. Starting with Shopping, yes shopping. It's a weird twisted tradition for my family to go shopping on Christmas eve. I have 1 or 2 things left to get for Jana, a few stocking stuffers for Jamie, something for my mom, and my dad is working today so I guess I'll be picking up my mom's stocking stuffers too.

After that I still got more wrapping to do!! I thought I finished it up last night, but I have something for mom to wrap, and a bag of stuff for Jamie that I hid on him and almost completely forgot about it myself! That would not be good!!!

After the wrapping is completed I gotta get dressed up all pretty and head to Jana's house to exchange presents!!!! Another tradition. Hopefully, I'll get there around 6 or if not I'll have to wait until she gets back from church.

After Jana's it's off to my dad's parents where we always gather for Xmas eve. Most of the family comes, we eat (YUM), have some drinks, be merry, some of us go to church, then back there to open presents. I open a present from my grandparents. So it's about 11pm by this time and the night still isn't over!!

Jamie and his family are going to church at 11pm so after that I think we are going back to his sisters house where they will all be opening their gifts. And our night finally comes to rest at Jamie's mothers house where we will be spending the night. Whew!! Now that is a lot of traveling!!

Tomorrow, Jamie will open gifts at him mom's, and I will open my presents from him. My dad is working tomorrow so we are saving out gift opening until tomorrow night.

But, there is a canon lense sitting under the tree at my parents house and I am opening it tonight!! I need to take pictures right?? ;)

Have a great day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And a Merry Christmas!

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Chandra said...

Merry Christmas to you and Jamie!! Thinking of you guys. Love and miss you!!