Monday, December 05, 2005

Save the Date People!!!!!!!!!!

I'm so on the ball with this whole wedding thing!

Here is what I have booked so far...

-ceremony site
-reception site
-wedding planner (flowers, decorations, cake)

And my wedding dress is ordered!!

It feels good that I can finally say my official wedding date is.....September 2nd, 2006!!!!!

It's so real!!


Corinnexxx said...

if you send me a ticket I come! lol! your already ahead of your schedule, don;t you?


Anonymous said...

Thats great. You want to plan my wedding when I get married LOL?? Where are you planning on having the reception and the ceremony, who's the dj?

Kayla Schwisow said...

Yeah!! Way to be on top of things! Congrats!

Tammy said...

Less than a year to go. . . . good for you for being so on top of things! :)

~Caro~ said...


Sam said...

Wooohoo :D

jana said...

woohoo getting stuff done!! so what made you finally decide to book these places??

Carrie said...

Awesome! You have lots done already. :)

Shelley Rankin said...

Woohoo! Excited I am. Nervous as heck to be your photographer. But I will push myself even harder to do a great job for you... beit that you are a friend and all. Good for you. You relax and know that it will all fall in place.

Love the pictures you posted of the wedding ideas. Love the tables! It is going to be gorgeous.

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