Monday, January 09, 2006

Pizza rolls anyone??

Today was pizza roll day!! Unofficially of course... We had all of the fixings for some pizza rolls so we decided today we would bite the bullet and make some good eats. It didn't take us as long as expected, thankfully! In less than 3 hours we had 68 large & 24 small pizza rolls. YUMMY!!

Jamie, bless his heart, did most of the work. He chopped up all of the veggies & meat for the filling. I cooked the bacon & the hamburger. Jamie also filled & rolled all of the rolls & I cooked them.

Please ignore my hair in my pic--I think I'm going to get it cut & dyed tomorrow! It's looks so horrible right now!! ICK!!


Lori said...

These look amazing Melissa - can make lots ahead - and freeze. Sounds perfect to me!

I still think you should consider being the Canadian *Martha Stewart* :-)

nadine said...

oh man, send those my way! they look delicious!

nadine said...

i know i've arleady posted once, but now that i see the pics again, i think you should be sending me the recipe. ;)

Wendy Reed (WendyReedPEA) said...

Seriously...I think I missed your call. Wasn't I invited?? LOL


jana said...

speaking of getting your hair done... whats the name and # of that girl that did your hair the last time?? i'm thinking of making an appointment too. my hair is disastrous.