Thursday, February 23, 2006


Two more pounds GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!

15 more to go baby!!!

I just spent a butt load of money on good groceries today! Lots of yummy veggies, fruit, chicken & salad. I was kinda bummed that they did not have any WW bread though, I like that stuff.

I have also exercised four times this week (yay) actually five if I count the pilates I did on Monday too.

I wanted to celebrate by eating McDonalds, but apparently that is not a good idea. ;)


grover said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!
5 pounds aint' easy!!!
And your right...mcdonals is a no no..celebrate with a carrot stick!

jana said...

congrats!! keep up the good work (with a little pilates class on tuesday next week!!!!)

~Caro~ said...

you scared me. I saw a ticker and thought you were prego!!!

where the heck are you gonna lose your 5lbs from?!! :-o