Sunday, March 19, 2006

Jana made me do it...

Jana wanted to go out for dinner & a movie last night. I said no to the movie because I did not want to spend much $$$, so what did I do?? Spent way too much money on other things, lmao!!

-My mission was to get some photo paper. Check, plus a white sharpie marker.
-Then, while looking for a new basket for Jana's mom's kitchen I had to pick up this cute tin container whose use is so far undecided.
-After that is was off to a yummy dinner of Greek food. My first time having it and it was sooooo yummy. I'm craving it right now actually.
-What is a trip to Bathurst without stopping at the dollar store? So off to the mall we went. While there I proceeded to buy two shirts & a jacket/blazer type of thing. Oh, and blew some money at the 1$ store!

So that was my trip. Still undecided on the blazer that I got. It's nice, and it will be nice to wear maybe to my bachelorette party. So I might keep it. I can't get my cash back so what's the sense to return it, right? right?

It's way cuter looking on me at home than it was at the store, so I guess I will be holding on to it.

Or maybe I'll take a picture tomorrow and you blog readers can help me decide!! I'm so fussy lately.

So that was my Saturday fun with Jana recap. OH! We spent like an hour at the sears make up counter, the lady who works there was just a hoot!! I think we are going to go back to get our make up done. Fun stuff.

Alright, here is another hof page!!


nadine said...

i love the layout! the perspective on your photos is so cool!

jana said...

okay... so you are not the only one who spent way too much money! how on earth did i spend $65 at splinters when country is not my style?? haha... oh well! at least it was a fun day!