Thursday, March 09, 2006


-got a card today in the mail, I love getting cards! (Thanks Janet!!)
-I also got my April CK--talk about cool!!! Love that magazine, I read 80% of it already. I'm obsessed with Ali's Studio 'A' article.
-tomorrow night Jamie and I have to go to prewedding counseling. It's a group thing. We have to go tomorrow night and all day Saturday. I have no idea what to expect and frankly I am a bit nervous.
-hoping to take some randomness pictures tomorrow morning.
-what am I going to wear to church?? I need clothes.
-might be going to a bridal show on Sunday
-no resolve in my bridesmaid dresses issue. Jana please make this decision for me!!
-Jana is still in Florida, no word yet if she found herself a wicked maid of honor dress. Here is to hoping!
-It has been over six months since I ordered my wedding dress. The lady said it would take six to eight months. I hope it gets here soon! Please let it come in the color & size that I ordered!
-Emailed my wedding planner like 3 days ago and still have not heard back from him---should I be nervous?
-my butt hurts from exercising tonight...sweet!
-kinda bummed that Santion lost project runway! Darn Chloe.
-I got new toothpaste on Tuesday and man it is strong! I'll be surprised if I still have teeth in my mouth tomorrow, powerful stuff.
-trying NOT to think about hof calls.
-I missed the real world last night! Dang!
-It's Mark's birthday today!! He is the big 2-5!!!!!!!! He came over tonight, but I was not here, so I did not get to give him his rockstar birthday card.

That is it for now folks!!! Thanks for taking an interest in my mundane loser life!

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nadine said...

good luck with the marriage counselling!