Thursday, April 06, 2006

21 day challenge...

Let me tell ya, missing these challenges has been sucking!! I really like creating them on the day Rhonna puts out the waiting and doing them all in one day is not the greatest idea.

I'm not totally loving them, but I'm glad I completed them!!

I will post the ones from today (day 11) here and link you to the rest! Here are the rest of my challenges (day 6-10) Thanks for looking!


jana said...

i love these pages! once this 21 day challenge is over, you're going to have a complete book (actually 2) that you will be able to look at over and over again and and feel inspiration.

i love how you've made each page look so simple, but how each page has meaning and importance.


Malou said...

Me, too! I love this page especially this one. Keep it up! Malou

jessi-jessipea said...

Love your Rhonna challenge pages!