Monday, April 10, 2006


I guess I'm due for a little bitty update!

Made my appointment today to get my wisdom teeth out. It's both sad and scary. Sad that I have to shell out 550$ (200 of which I don't even have! LOL!) and scared because I don't want get my gums cut open! Ick!

Bringing Buddy to get groomed tomorrow!! He is totally due, gotta get rid of all of that winter yuckiness. While he is getting beautified Jana and I will be at the fabric store looking for bridesmaids dress fabric.

Heading out again on Wednesday...going down to my Uncle & Aunt house to celebrate their daughters first birthday!! YAY!! Going to be there from Wed-Fri.

While I am in the city I am going to meet up with Shelley my fab friend and wedding photographer! Haven't seen her since November--can't wait. She is so fun to be around.

On Tuesday Jamie and I are going back to Fredericton because he has a job interview there. Cross your fingers that he does good at the interview and the job pays good $$$.

That is about it I think...I'll leave you with a pic I took today. It was nice out so I decided to test out the zoom lense that Corey got me for Xmas. It is so awesome!


Sam said...

What an awesome pic! So I take it you wont be around much this week?!?!

nadine said...

nice picture! i can't wait to get to the water!

jana said...

nope...not crossing my fingers for jamie... you are NOT moving...
haha jk... i cant say that because we both know i'll be moving somewhere soon enough too!
good luck jamie

what? no pic of me in my gollashes?? haha