Saturday, May 06, 2006

NSD, Tulips & Wedding stuff....

Happy National Scrapbooking Day!

One whole day devoted to scrapbooking! Or as Jamie would say....just like everyday...

smart ass.

In celebration I got some tulips!! Okay, okay, I had to buy them for myself, but still. Aren't they pretty?

I've been wanting to have some fresh flowers for quite some time now.

Judging by my drinking glass vase you can probably tell I NEVER have fresh flowers...but finally I do!

Pink tulips at that.

Yesterday was pretty productive on the wedding front. My entire wedding to do list is crossed off!!

I went to the reception site to hammer out some details, get the menu & price list, set aside a block of rooms, and also reserved some rooms for the night before and night of the wedding.

I also got some bridesmaids dress fabric. Shipping that out to the girls this coming week.

Finally found some ribbon for my wedding invitations!! GO ME!! They didn't have enough, so they ordered me a roll. Score!!

I love scratching things off of my to do list!

P.S. To those renting a room the night of the wedding. I put away a block of rooms, but they will only hold them until August. If you call to book a room make sure you say it is for the Godin/Audit wedding so that we are all together.



nadine said...

LOVE the tulips! i always want to buy myself nice fresh flowers and i never do. maybe i'll start doing it for myself?

Sam said...

Great tulips :)
What hotel is this at... you need to help me! If I come I have no idea where to stay LOL what's close to the church and the reception hall?

Nicole said...

Beautiful! Pink tulips are my faaaave!! Love the "drinking glass vase" they look super cute!

jana said...

you got a lot done! i'm going to call and reserve my room now! yay

jana said...

ps...i need a date for the wedding :S
any cute boys invited?? haha