Thursday, June 29, 2006

one more thing...

crossed off the wedding 'to do' list!

Got my wedding band yesterday! Finally tracked down the matching platinum band for my engagement ring. Feels good to have found it's match, since it has been almost three years since Jamie propsed, so I had almost given up hope that I would find it's pair. It did manage to be 400$ over what I had originally budgeted for my band, but it was on sale--- 300 dollars off-- so I'm really only over 100 hundred dollars over budget. Between that and my shopping spree over the weekend I got to start putting a bit of money away each check for an unseen wedding emergencies.

Did I forget to mention that I finally got some ribbon for my invitations?? Micheal's happened to have the exact ribbon that I had wanted, so I snatched that up on the weekend. I already had some ribbon being shipped to me, but I figured I would get that other stuff 'just in case'. It's a good thing I did though, because that other ribbon came yesterday and it is too wide!! LOL!! But that is okay, I will use it to tie around my caramel apples for the wedding favors. So the invitations are officially underway!! I have about 15 or so completed. Just gotta finish putting the ribbon on, make my rsvp cards, and get them out there!! Planning on sending them out somewhere around the first week of July.

In other grandpere (godin) was admitted to the hospital yesterday. On Monday his sugar was up really high, so he had 3 insulin shots at the hospital, and the same thing happend on Tuesday. So, yesterday morning it was up yet again, so he was admitted so they can get his sugar regulated. Thinking of you pere!!


nadine said...

congrats on the good finds. feels nice to have those kind of things taken care of i imagine. :)

i'll be thinking good thoughts for your grandpa. my grandpa has diabetes too.

jana said...

poor grandpere godin :( hope he's feeling better soon.

jana said...

poor grandpere godin :( hope he's feeling better soon.

Sam said...

Awwww.... sorry about your grandfather, sending lots of good thoughs his way!

Tanya said...

Hi Melissa,
You're Blog looks great. I'm starting out and learning myself. You wedding plans are coming along great, everything sounds like it's going to be a beautiful day. Hope see pictures...! By the way what type of camera are you using? You're pics are awesome!
By the way, I'm obsessed with weddings, keep on posting your info I love to hear about it!