Thursday, July 13, 2006

2 more...

be prepared for me posting these as they come! I'm so excited!

Oh, I guess I should post Shelley's links too, so now you can go out and hire her! She is amazing!

Her Blog.

Her Photography Blog.

Her Photography Website.


jana said...

okay, so i've only seen like 7 pics, and they're all insanely gorgeous... imagine the rest? your house is going to be plastered with these pics, and they're not even the wedding pics!! you picked an awesome photographer!

Arrah-Lee said...

Hi Melissa,

Found your blog through Amy's. The engagement pics are absolutely beautiful. You are going to have awesome wedding pics.

The big day is coming up quick. Be sure to cherish every moment - even the stressful ones. The events leading up to and the day itself passes too quickly. Remember, if something doesn't turn the way you want it to, nobody else will know but you! No need for stress! :o)

Take Care and Congratulations!

Amanda Doucette said...

Wow Melissa! She does really nice work. I'm glad to see you have been doing well with the wedding plans. I haven't talked to you in forever so I hope everything is well. I will see you soon when I head up home. I know now who I am getting to take the baby's pics when he/she arrives. Take care

pmalla said...

Great Pics. Loved them. Your wedding pics should be beautiful. Its nice how she captures you and jamie in your element instead of a form poise.