Saturday, July 08, 2006

See ya in 21 hours!!

We're going on the quickest road trip ever!!

We are heading to Freddy town tomorrow morning. A quick stop! We have some shopping to do as soon as we get there, grab a bite to eat, and head over to meet Shelley so we can take our ENGAGEMENT PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I know it's a little late for that, but I don't care! I can't wait! It's gonna be fun.

And Jamie is actually excited! And he hates taking pictures.

After that (which will probably take a few hours) we are going to get a BIG SLICE of pizza (yum! haven't had that in two years) and then it's off to crash at a hotel.

We're leaving the city at 6am Monday morning because Jamie has a job interview up here at 11am. Talk about nuts!


1 comment:

jana said...

haha you're nuts! have a fun trip! can't wait to see the pics from shelley!! buy me something pretty! haha

pirates on monday!! wooooooooeeeeee!