Monday, August 07, 2006

For real

-having a day off and be lazy around the house just makes me feel fat. Even though I got tons of wedding stuff done and I cleaned! Just being in here all day makes me feel crappy.

-However, between tomorrow and Saturday I got 60 hours to work, so I will be wishing I was sitting home being lazy!

-lots of phone calls to make tomorrow--finishing up wedding stuff

-ki contest album being shipped tomorrow! Woo! Wish me luck ppl.

-26 days until we get married, still can't wrap my mind around that. We have been engaged for almost 3 years, I've been semi planning the wedding for two of those years and planning hard since last september. It's gonna be weird when it is all over and I will have no planning to do! No more wedding stress.

-just moving on to be a wife...crazy eh? I'm gonna be a wife!! I'm gonna get me a mother in law, a sister in law, brother in law, even a niece and nephew!!!