Sunday, August 20, 2006

Part 1 of 2...

Jana threw me my first bachelorette party last night!! WOo!! One of two--next Saturday a few of us girlies are heading to Moncton to do some shopping, eating and drinking! I can't wait!

Last night was a little get together type thing at Jana's house.

Hawaiian themed of course! Wait til you see how cute I looked in my little hawaiian veil!

Jana did a great job with the theme---lots of decorations, and lei's for guest, and yummy slushie pina colada's! Fun stuff.

She had the dirtiest (is that a word? Ha!) tell all game! It was question cups--each cup had a question on it. And the rules were that they person drinking the cup and the bride had to answer the questions. The first question? Have you ever had sex in an elevator??

Told ya it was dirty!

We'll definitely be using these questions with us this weekend.

Okay, okay I blabbered enough!! Time for some pics!!


Dee said...

Looks fun Sissa! Can't wait to see you all dressed up in your beautiful wedding dress.

jana said...

i tried :S

jana said...

i tried... glad you appreciated the effort :)

Stella said...
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nadine said...

love the lingerie over the clothes look. ;) the things friends make brides do at bachlorette parties huh!?