Monday, September 18, 2006

first day....

September is usually reserved for your first day of school, but not for Jamie!!!

Today is the first day of his NEW JOB!!!

That's right! New job!!

Exciting isn't it?!?! We are crazy pumped about it.

He is now working for Pioneer Chemicals. This is exactly what we needed. We said about six months ago that if nothing came up job wise by the wedding we would have to move away to find something. Thankfully on the Wednesday before our wedding Jamie got the job offer!!

We are so happy, things are FINALLY going to settle into place. With Jamie getting this job it opens so many doors---having something steady is the best part. Not to mention great pay, and a pension. We're going car shopping on Wednesday. Thanks in part to the wedding cash (enough for a down payment) we will be house shopping in the Spring.

So exciting!!

Congrats Jamie!! Love you!!


nadine said...

That is very exciting news!!!!! I'm sure that relieves tons of stress for you and Jamie!

Sam said...

That is so awsome, congrats you two!

melissa said...

congrats to both of you! how exciting is that?
it's great when things start to fall into place!

Shelley Rankin said...

Wanted to say congrats to you Jamie! So well deserved. I am sure you will outperform their highest expectation. Way to go and enjoy.