Friday, November 03, 2006

Picture of the day...

Might start doing a pic of the day. We'll see how that goes!

Here is my pic for Friday.

My new obsession: cream soda

A deadly obsession!

The can of cream soda was left over from Halloween treats, the Pop Shoppe soda was a gift from Mark when he went to Halifax two weeks ago, and the another cream soda Jamie picked up for me last night. YUM!

Gotta give another shout out to Pop Shoppe soda--so yummy, best taste ever!! If you can find it near you PICK SOME UP!


Amber said...

I love cream soda!! Hmm.. hey... did u get married this past weekend?? O.. and thanks for the comment on my blog!!

jana said...

i like the white cream soda... which i havent found since i was in montreal... i think i should head over to QC and see if they sell it there... then start smuggling it to NB and selling it on the black market... yes i think so!

nadine said...

cream soda is my favorite too.

Anonymous said...

i love cream soda its my favorite especially barq's an especially when i eat dixie lee

grover said...

melissa...i LOVE LOVE LOVE cream soda!
add some vanilla ice cream and you have the makings of a devine dessert!