Thursday, November 23, 2006


things that I love about my husband...

1. That I get to call him my husband (love that!)
2. The way he doesn't think that I am such a weirdo (I so am)
3. His hugs are the warmest, most genuine hugs ever given. And I get them a million times a day.
4. Along with kisses.
5. His blue eyes (I hope our kids have his eyes).
6. His patience.
7. That he loves to cuddle.
8. That he gets so excited about his hobbies and smiles like a 5 year old.
9. That he is committed to make our marriage the best ever.
10. His dedication to his job.
11. He tells me he loves me at least 10 times a day.
12. And always kisses me good-bye.
13. That I know he will be an excellent father someday.
14. His sense of humor.
15. The way he picks me up when I am feeling down.
16. He encourages my hobby.
17. He is helpful around the house.
18. He is smart, sexy, and everything I wished for.
19. He tells me every single thing about his day.
20. That he gives me the remote and total silence whenever 'my shows' come on.
21. He seems to know everything. I can always get that little question answered, especially if it is something technical.
22. That he loves to hold my hand in public.
23. He doesn't complain when I take too long shopping.
24. That even though he says Buddy drives him nuts, I catch him picking him and having a nice cuddle.
25. That he is working hard and saving $$$ so we can buy a house next year.
26. The way he loves his mom and helps her out around the house.
27. He is always willing to get me a blanket when I am cold and makes sure I am nice and tucked in.
28. That he (sometimes) lets me drive the SVT Cobra.

and the 29th reason why I love my husband, Jamie is that he has made me the happiest, proudest wife around.

Love ya babe!!

Happy 29th Birthday!


nadine said...

this is great melissa, sounds like you've got yourself a wonderful man!

Sam said...

You are just too darned cute with your list! Happy Birthday Jamie!

Nicks Yacks said...

Having been lucky to get to know you over the years. The thing that always sticks out about you is Jamie & Yours relationship and the love that comes through you when you speak of him.

Happy Birthday, Jamie!

jana said...

happy birthday jamie!!

Shelley Rankin said...

happy birthday Jamie. You were so patient with me when taking pictures! Very tolerable. Ha. And I guess since my birthday was on Nov 29th that we are both sagittarius. Cool.

Oh and I have no doubt you are all that Melissa described. She is a lucky girl and you, a lucky man!