Thursday, December 28, 2006

Did Santa find you???

He found me and spoiled me as usual!! No pictures yet, because I have been too lazy to upload some. I was so busy that I didn't get to take as many pictures as I would have liked.

The festivities pretty much began the morning of Christmas Eve. My parents, brother and I have this crazy tradition of going shopping on Christmas Eve!! Nuts we are. We left in the morning to get some last minute items. The malls were pretty slack though, so that was good.

Got home in the afternoon and finished up some gifts, and made a dip to snack on at Jamie's mom's.

We left at 6pm to start our visiting. First we went to my parents house until 7pm, then headed over to my grandparents house where we opened presents. Jamie and I left there at 8 to go pick up Jamie's mom for mass at 9pm. After that it was back to Jamie's mom's house for some snacks and to watch her open her presents. Finished there at around 12am. We headed back to Susie's house (Jamie's sister), where her, her hubby and her son opened up their gifts. After that (2 am) we went back to my parents to pick up a gift that we left there, then back home to get our pj's and pillows and drove back out to Jamie's mom's house so we could spend the night.

Tired yet? We sure were!! What a busy night. Finally got to sleep around 3am.

7am came fast. The spare bed at Jamie's moms' house sleeps like a slab of cement, so I sure felt like crap in the morning!! We were like two excited kiddos, so yep, we were out of bed at 7am!! I curled up on the chair as Jamie opened his presents. He loved all the goodies he got. Totally spoiled. His sister got him some clothes, shaving stuff, and a Swiss Army watch. His mom got him some clothes, and two hats that he wanted. I got him two dvd's, a hat, a cell phone charger, blank cd's & dvd's, and some other stocking stuffer. He was puzzled at the end because he knew I had a big gift for him, but it was still hiding.

Around 9:30 we got to my parents house where they had breakfast ready. We always have the same breakfast Christmas morning (eggs, ham, toast, oj). Then it was on to presents! Sweet! That took awhile, we are all so spoiled, it was shameful, but oh so exciting!! I love watching my family open presents, definitely my favorite part of the holidays.

Jamie finally got to see his big gift from me, which was exactly what he was hoping for (and which I kept saying I could not afford). A panasonic Home Theatre system!! Yes indeedy, I am the best wife ever!!

I got lots of goodies, which of course I have to share!! Feel free to skip this part if you want, I just have this thing of always having to list my presents.

From Jamie I got some clothes (two pairs of American Eagle jeans, a pair of AE lounge pants, and an AE striped hoodie, a project (red) shirt from the gap and some gap pj's, a scarf and a hat, and Scene It! DVD game). He also got me some stocking stuffers (magazine, gum, green tea, chocolates, razor blades)

From my parents I got the brown AE bomber jacket that I had on my wish list, as well as the PostSecret book, mixing bowls, a wooden cutting board, comfy bed sheets, fondue set, glass jar, pj's, and the mad gab game. I got a stocking from them too. Inside was baking stuff, aveeno lip gloss, chocolates, tylenol, shaving gel, deorderant, shampoo, mint chews and tooth paste.

From Mere & Pere I got a bath robe (which I REALLY needed) and some $.

From Grandmere & Grandpere I got a huge glass jar!! Love glass jars!

From Susie & Dale I got a pair of AE boots (from my wish list), a pair of AE jeans, two AE shirts, an AE hoodie, an AE wallet, black leggings, perfume, and body butter from the body shop. They also stuffed a stocking for me too, I got a gift card, shave gel, lip gloss & mosturizer from the body shop, a tooth brush, bath scrubbies, nail file, razors and hair brushes.

From Jamie's mom I got some super soft pj's.

And from Hudson I got a lovely framed picture of him with Landon and Amy. It is so cute!!

OH!!! And I got a big Christmas surprise too!! My parents and brother went in together and bought me a KITCHEN AID MIXER!!!! Holy Crap!!! I was going to get one for Christmas, but changed my mind because they were so expensive. I can't believe they went and bought that for me!! I'm so psyched!! Can't wait to use it.

And from Jana I got.....

well, you may as well watch the video of me opening my presents from Jana!! I promised her I would record myself opening them, since we did not get to see each other this Christmas.



jana said...

ok... lush: the soap is a body butter soap, good for sore muscles (i figured appropriate from work), the thing you asked about you do indeed just put in the tub under running water. and the coalface: do not rub directly on face. rub with hands.

and the seashell... Nate (on Oprah), says every house should have something beachy. so i thought that was awesome! haha!

glad ya liked it!

*~*Amber*~* said...

So fun girl!! We stayed at my parents house Christmas eve too... Slept in a tiny double bed w/our puppy... ahhh... sore back... woke up at 6:30...I woke my 7yr old brother up... still a big kid... anyway... glad urs was great.. mine was awesome too... got a REBEL... pics on my blog I took w/it!!

Scrappytbear said...

That's Hilarious! Video is such a COOL idea! I love it and might attempt that in future! LOL LUSH ROCKS! I get a headache when I go in there tho...but I love what comes out!

nadine said...

congrats on the kitchen aid mixer! i got one for my high school grad present years ago and i just love it!

Tanya said...

Damn girl you were spoiled! Good for you!! Nice video, such a great idea! T

Sam said...

Hey girl! Another fun video... great gifts, good job Jana!

Hey and I have that same AE shirt, in the same color!