Thursday, December 14, 2006


Season's Greetings everyone!
I guess it was about time for an update right?
How is your Christmas shopping going??
I am *almost* finished.
A few more little things to pick up for Jamie and my parents.
Some wrapping to do.
Plus wrapping to do for my mom and Susie.
Busy, busy.
I haven't even made my Christmas Sugar Cookies this year!!
I have no motivation, but have been doing them every year for about 5 years now, so I can't break tradition!
I never really eat any myself, but I love seeing them all cute and decorated.
May as well make 'em, and give them out at work or something.
Went on a power shopping trip on Tuesday.
My parents and Jamie gave me money so I could go shopping for my own Christmas gifts.
Gotta love that, I will be very happy Xmas morning!
I also picked up gifts for Jamie, Susie, Hudson and Corey while shopping.
Trying to think of a unique way of tricking Jamie about his present.
He is really good at guessing, so there is no way he can see his wrapped present, he will know it right away.
Although there is a gift under the tree (for jana, but I didn't put a name tag on it yet) and he is convinced it is his, and that it is a watch, lol!!
Tomorrow my wedding pictures are coming in! Can't wait to see them in print, very cool.

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jana said...

haha so is my present a watch? can i add that to the list of the purple furby, winter crocs... and the latest, which i dont remember, but was super funny.
i havent made my pretty cookies yet either. i should do that tomorrow, but i imagine i'll find something else to do to occupy my time and avoid it. xmas isnt the same this year.