Wednesday, February 28, 2007

what I have been up to...

pretty much nothing.

At the moment, I am the most uninteresting person ever!!

I have been sick the past two weekends, which really sucked.

My husband has been holed up in our bedroom for the past two days absolutely DYING from a cold.

I'm sleeping on the couch because I want NONE of what he has got going on in there!

I have been sick enough in the past two months to last me a life time!!


So I have just been doing a lot of work, eating, sleeping, and watching tv.

I rule.

I really want to do productive things like scrapbook, clean my house, finish Jana's felted cuffs, go to the post office, do groceries, etc, etc.

But really people, I've got tv to watch, and sleeping to do. So I have been losing big time in the productivity battle!

Oh woe is me.

And I have to work this weekend also, which stinks.

One exciting thing to look forward to is our upcoming trip to Halifax. A road trip of sorts. A couple of people, a car, a free place to stay, and one of our favorite bands playing two nights in a row! We are so there, and I can't wait.


nadine said...

road trips are the best!

jana said...

i miss road trips. stupid ottawa.
who's all going?

yay for felted cuffs!

pmalla said...

Oh fun, road trips are great. Halifax is nice. Been there twice this year already for interviews. What band you guys going to see? Sorry to hear your not feeling well.


jrankin said...

6 mos. already! Wow girl. Amazing. Love that picture! ;)

Hope you have a good trip to Hlfx.