Monday, March 12, 2007

have I mentioned?

how nice my hubby is??

Just looking at my blog and how I haven't posted since our six month anniversary....and I realized that I didn't tell you about my little treat I got that day.

When I got home from work Jamie had three surprises for me! I love surprises!

First, was the book I have been wanting (Shopaholic & Baby)!! Great book by the way! I am already reading it for the second time.

Second, was a card. This thrilled me because Jamie doesn't usually get cards unless I hound him for awhile. He did this totally on his own, I was so happy!!

And last, he got me my favorite cake: Chocolate Brownie Eruption!!

3 very nice surprises.

I married the best man! Not a day goes by where I don't get showered with hugs, kisses, and tons of attention.

Love you Jamie!!

p.s. 11 days until our Road Trip to Halifax!!

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Siany said...

Lucky you, marrying someone so sweet!! Happy 6 month anniversary!!