Monday, March 19, 2007

I scrapbooked and I am no longer a Godin.

Finally! I scrapbooked!! It has been what? A few months? Maybe longer! Either way, last night I dug out my supplies and scrapbooked the first (of many) of our wedding photos.

I am *in love* with this page.

Gosh we are too adorable.

In other news..........

It's been a good run being a GODIN, 26 years and it has treated me well.

But, today, after months of being too lazy, I finally headed down to the DMV and changed my maiden name to my married name.

Say hello to Melissa Julia Audit.


Freakin' weird right!!??

Crazy, it felt weird signing it for the first time.


Melissa Julia Audit.......

***For those who don't know me irl....Audit is pronounced like Odie***

Still seems VERY weird...but good!

I'm an Audit!!


grover said...

hello Mrs.Audit!
great layout!

~Caro~ said...

that is so weird. Ok, not weird, but takes some getting used to huh?
Great page girl! miss you.

jana said...

love this lo. i miss looking at your sbing. you'll soon have to mail me something! hint hint! haha mrs audit.

Dee said...

That is one of my favorite pics Sissa - I so love your style of scrapping :)
Miss you lots

Scrappytbear said...

LOL Nice name!
It took me months to get used to my new name. When anyone said Mrs Masters I would look for my Mother in Law! LOL I fought it for ages LOL but now I have given in :)
Great layout! Love the word Fresh!