Wednesday, June 20, 2007

10 Random things right now...

Trying to force myself to write a semi-decent blog post!

(1) Overly addicted to Facebook, it is taking over my life!! Big time. I love how social it is! And so easy to use as well, so this blog has been taking a back seat....which is sad because my stats have also dropped too!! I know people are reading, but no one is leaving comments, hint hint!!!

(2) Our tentative date for house arrival is the week of August 20th!! Talk about awesome!! We are so excited!!!

(3) Still can't believe that my big brother & his girlfriend are going to have a baby!!!!!!!! I can't wait to add another Niece or Nephew under my belt!! Already have a niece, nephew and great-nephew!! I have a feeling that they will be having a boy......maybe it is because I want to have a girl, lol.

(4) Obsessed with taking photos lately as you probably have already noticed! Trying to learn more about my camera, etc. I have been getting lots of good comments as well. Already lined up two engagement shoots, a couple shoot, baby shoot and a kiddo shoot. Pretty cool stuff!! I get to learn more and take pics and they get free pictures! I think it is a sweet deal! Jana is also coming home in July!! We are also going to do a photo extravaganza!! It's going to be insane!!

(5) It's raining out at the moment, which sucks. I know we 'need' rain, but man I'm pissed when it comes!! Come on sunny days!!

(6) Chandra is coming home in three, count them, three days!! SO freakin' cool. I have not seen her since September (when she came home for the wedding) and it has been too damn long. I hate how her and Jana live so far away, so I get postively giddy when they come to visit!! I am going to take pictures of her and her fiance while they are home!! Three more days people!!!!!!!

(7) Jamie is working late tonight...and by late I don't mean like two hours late....I mean like 16 hours late, lol. He has to rebuild something tonight....only started after supper and it takes about 8 hours...then to see if it will work once it is put back together. Poor guy. He is really working his butt off to make some extra cash for shitty things for the house like lawyer fees!! UGH!! On the bright side he will get tomorrow off with pay and Friday is his bi-monthly "Happy Friday", so long weekend for him!

(8) I ate bad pretty much all week this week, except for the salads and fruit I have been eating at work. And I haven't been walking...but you know what?? I don't care!! Frig it! LOL! I will start over next week!

(9) Today is two months until our house arrival and only one month away from the new Harry Potter book! The final book! Holy crap I can't wait! I am reading book #6 right now to get ready for the last one. I know it's a little childish, but I love the HP series.

(10) I have been having crappy mornings the last couple of weeks so I have been trying to force myself to go to bed early. Speaking of which, it's now 10:30 pm, so I should really hit the sack!! Good night!!


nadine said...

man i can't believe how fast they've got your house going! that would have taken closer to 8 months here!

Jennifer Andersen said...

Hi Melissa,

I just wanted to make a comment. I happened upon your blog a while ago by chance. I'm originally from Newfoundland and I was looking for blogs by my fellow Newfoundlanders and your's came up. I realize you're not from Newfoundland but when you live away from home, New Brunswick is close enough! So like I said, I'm originally from St. John's. I moved to Ottawa almost two years ago and miss home like crazy. It's been nice seeing your beach pictures. They remind me a bit of home, too.

Nice job on the photos.

Jennifer Andersen

jana said...

i am SOOO excited for hp7, but yet so sad. its the end of an era (as i shed a tear here.).

Tanya said...

Your 10 random things are good! Keep up the blogging yours are so fun to read! I need to get back to it too, damn FACEBOOK! lol

Mark MacNair said...

You like how facebook is social? No ma'm, real life is social

Qortnee said...

:) Congrats on the house! Can't wait to see some pics once u move in :) Sooo jealous hehe