Monday, July 16, 2007

In motion....

The wheels on our house building train are slowly chugging along at the moment. Paperwork is definitely a headache and time consuming!!

We 'thought' we had everything worked out and were just waiting for our paperwork to process, but we got a big surprise two weeks ago when we found out that the lot of land we were in the process of buying had been denied by the planning commission!

Talk about stress!! Mainly because we had already put down 15% on the lot, and we paid to have it surveyed, so as far as we (and the seller of the land) were concerned the land was ours, we just had to wait to get it approved before transferring the title into our name.

But, as it was going through the planning commission it was denied because of the future development of the subdivision. Where our lot is situated, it is seperated from our neighbours by a road and a ditch....but this road (for the future development) was not yet approved. So, that would later make our lot a corner lot and yadda, yadda, yadda, they did not want to approve our lot. Yet, they approved our neighbours lot even though they were in the same situation as us.

Things went into high gear when we found that our!! Jamie and I quickly headed to the offices of different people to try and get some help. First, the planning commission, then our building inspector, then onto the MLA in our area hoping he could push for the planning commission to approve our lot as it is on a developed street having nothing to do with the furture development. Then onto the village office, the owner of the lots, and finally our lawyer.

Having that many people on our case really got things in motion and by the next business day everything was worked out and our lot was approved. Woohoo!!

We were a little scared!! If it came down to it we would have had to get another lot in the subdivision, but it wasn't one that we would have loved to build on, so I am glad we didn't have to change lots. I love the one we have!!

Last thursday Jamie went to the lawyer to sign the documents of the title and on Friday they were faxed to our building hopefully this week we will have our building permit in hand!! Then the contractor can get started and dig for our foundation and put in the basement relatively soon!!

Our tentative date for the house is August they better they moving!!!!


Tanya said...

Holy crap, the drama! You must have been sooo freaked! Just reading this was getting me all stressed out for yas! Glad it all worked out!

Shelley Rankin said...

so glad you were able to work this out. it is stressful building a home for sure! Way to go though. Congrats and I can't wait to see lots of pictures. Give me a call when you think you may be headed this way ok. Want to arrange some time to meet.