Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Photo shoot with Jana.....

Last week Jana came home from Ottawa for a little visit (BIG YAY!!). On Saturday we had a girls day together. First we had to hit the walmart to pick up the latest Harry Potter book that we are both obsessed with. After that we had a little snack and went on a little photo shoot together. We were loaded down with our cameras and some fun props, but as my luck would have it, my camera stopped working about ten minutes into the shoot.

So we used Jana's camera the whole day..... I was getting her to go here and there, like climbing into shopping carts and jumping up into transport garage door areas, oh! and lying on the railroad tracks, lol. What a good model!

We got some great pics too!!!! I love them all...well most of them, there were lots of me where I looked too fat so off to the trash bin they went!!

Here are my favorites from the day!

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