Friday, August 17, 2007

Insane in the membrane...

Today was such a crazy whirlwind day!! We were on the road for 12 hours!!! Ack!!

We left this morning @ 8 am to travel to the plant where they are building our home, we had a tour appointment at 11. I was hoping that they would have started our home, so that we could get an idea of when it will be arriving. Much to our surprise, not only had they started our home, but they have already framed it up, did the plumbing, electrical and were finishing the drywall today. The next step is insulation, which they do from the outside!! Getting a prefab definitely has it's advantages. One being it's built totally indoors in dry conditions. Also, allowing them to do electrical, plumping and insulation from the outside, making it faster!

Around 4pm we arrived back at the property to see some action there as well. The foundation forms were being removed, as well as the installation of drain tile. That was all completed by 5pm. It's looking great.

We also got some good news from our contractor....the house in scheduled to arrive in TEN FREAKING DAYS!!!! HOLY CRAP!!

After the house arrives there will be some finishing work left to do. Some of the siding will have to be completed, hook ups, trim, paint.......I am *this* close to having all of our paint colors picked. They will also have to install the hardwood flooring and ceramic tile....AND build the two car garage! We are hoping to move in two-three weeks after the house arrives on site.

As this post is useless without pics I will post some pics that I took today OF THE ACTUAL HOUSE!! Can you tell I am excited?? HEHE!!

You can view more of my pics here and here

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