Thursday, September 06, 2007

It's here!!!

The house has arrived!!!! And I couldn't be happier!! The house arrived Tuesday morning, and it now sitting pretty on the foundation. It was a great moment just to walk inside our house....where hours before we had nothing but a foundation. There is still a lot of work to be done, but I am immensely relieved that it is here, and now I can go there everyday just to check out the progress.

There were a few problems on Tuesday, the truck broke down, so they arrived almost two hours late. By that time it was so windy that I was afraid they would not move it on the foundation. They did eventually move it, but not without problems. First, the winds were so high that when they took the plastic off the roof so they could raise it and attach to the foundation, we ended up losing about 80% of our blown in insulation that was in the ceiling. It's not a huge deal, because they will replace the insulation, but I'm not sure my neighbours like coming home finding their yards so full of insulation that it looked like a snow storm.....oops!!

The second problem was just the wind factor on the crane. It really like twisting the house around!! Jamie took a video off the first piece being moved. And you see the top end dips down and the back end swings so much that the workers are screaming "I DON'T GOT IT!!!!" Eeeek!! Thankfully, everything worked out okay!

I have some pictures to share (of course), but remember there is still lots of work to be done! They are finishing the roof today, and maybe starting to finish the siding, but that might wait until tomorrow. They also have to crack fill, and prime (painting in my color choices will be the last thing to do), the cabinetry has to be finished, hanging the doors, door stoppers, hooking up the water/sewage/air filtration system, and then the installing of the hardwood floors throughout (except the entrance/bathroom).

I will be posting more pictures are the progress moves along!

Yummy birdseye maple hardwood floors stained espresso

Where the garage will go!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Melissa, how freakin cool is that!!!
I'll have to come and visit after you've settled in. :)

Christine Campbell said...

Oh Melissa, how freakin cool is that!!!
I'll have to come and visit after you've settled in. :)

nadine said...

whoa, that is crazy! my parents got an rtm home, but it came in one, i've never seen one come in two halves! i've heard of it, just never seen it!

Krista said...

ooh!! Congrats! This is such an exicting time!!