Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The quickest way to a man's heart is with Chuck Norris's fist

And I'm not just saying that because Jamie and I watched a Chuck Norris movie yesterday.

Jamie found the two for ten dollar bin at Walmart on Sunday, so yea, we are the proud owner of a movie that I can't remember the title of, but no it wasn't

Delta Force.

But did include a couple of roundhouse kicks....ouch!

Other than that, I don't really have anything interesting to say.....if you can even count my little speel above as something interesting.

It seems all we ever talk about lately is house, house, house. How about this...I can't wait until we are actually moved in so we can stop talking about it!!!

My days are consumed with house stuff. Today I spent the day running around searching for flooring and tile (nothing like last minute!!).

We found ceramic tile, but I lost the product number, and had to go search again. The flooring that is in the bathroom now, we don't like, so we had to go searching for new stuff for that.

Tomorrow I will be putting the finishing touches on my dresser for my scrapbook room (I'm painting it white, along with my sb desk). Also, I got a boat load more boxes, so the packing will continue.....in the afternoon I am going up to the house because they will be delivering our hardwood---hell yeah!! Installation will begin on Monday, can't wait to see how that will look!! It's going to look more like a home, rather than an empty shell. After that is completed, they will paint, and we can move in!!!!!

Tentative moving date is.....Oct. 5th or 6th. Which sucks in a way because they are disconnecting our land line here on Oct. 1st....oooops!! Maybe I should see if I can change that!!

Also, on Thursday they will be starting our garage! Booyah...

See....it's all I can talk about!! It consumes me! I.have.literally.nothing.else.to.say......

pretty sure my friends are going to start ignoring me soon.....



Tanya said...

Everything sounds so exciting! I'm coming home in November, I'd love to come see! You'll be all moved in and comfy by then! So much fun...

*~*Amber*~* said...

what AMAZING progress!!! The house looks amazing! Im drooling over those floors!! so excited that it's almost done!! xoxo