Wednesday, October 31, 2007


I joined a 365 project on Flickr.

The premise is to take one photo a day for 365 days. The photo can be anything you desire.

There are also weekly topics that are there to take part it. I plan to take at least one picture on the topic per week. I'm pretty excited about it! It's no surprise that I love taking pics, and I think it will be cool to see what random pics I will come up with throughout the year!!!

Here is pic numero uno!!

1/365--shot from my shower....

I went shopping yesterday for shampoo and was bummed to find a newer design on the conditioner and an older design on the shampoo. I hate being mismatched!! Anyhoo....while I was in the shower thinking of what random pic to take today, my annoyance got the better of me and Voila!

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nadine said...

I started doing this when school started this year. So far I haven't missed a day. Just seems like a natural thing now! I didn't even think about Flickr groups though. Duh!