Friday, November 23, 2007

30 reasons

1. your smile
2. the way you say my name
3. your accomplishments
4. your hot car
5. how you kiss me a million times a day
6. how too much love is never enough
7. your caring ways
8. your laugh
9. and silliness
10. your kindness
11. the way you love me
12. the way your reach out just to touch my head, arm, leg, etc when I crawl in bed for the night
13. your willingness to get me a blanket when I'm cold, or a drink when I'm thirsty.
14. how I feel safe in your arms
15. the way you looked on our wedding day
16. how you listen to my 'stupid stories', haha
17. the way you cuddle up to Buddy even though you claim you don't like him!
18. how you support me in every which way
19. and how you are always encouraging me to do better
20. how you will make me a mommy some day!
21. how you will shop with me for hours, even though you don't want to
22. your blue eyes
23. your laughter
24. your dreams
25. how you are so quiet in the mornings so I can sleep for an extra 30 minutes
26. your character
27. how you always tell me that I am beautiful
28. your hugs
29. and kisses on the forehead/nose/cheek whenever you are near me
20. because of the great husband you are....

Happy 30th Birthday Jamie!!!

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