Tuesday, November 13, 2007

POTD (photo of the day)

Sorry the quality of these pics is pretty bad, I saved them from facebook and it made the pics sort of grainy.

The weekly theme the first week was 'shoes', I missed it last week, but I made sure to get a picture of my shoes on day 9. You'll find a little peek into one of my drawers in the scrapbook room on day 8. I was actually in there last week making some stuff for the baby shower.

Day 10/365.....feeding the birds on my walk, they are so tame and cute!

Day 11/365.....my uncle blain and aunt angela and their two year old Gracelyn were up visiting for the weekend. Here is Gracelyn roasting marshmallows in front of the fake fire...too cute!

Day 12/365.....Jessica hit the six months pregnant mark on Sunday and it was actually the day of her baby shower.

Day 13/365.....Jamie started finishing the basement on Saturday, so I was down there helping him out yesterday (I actually built a wall!). Here is just a mess of extension cords that was on the floor.

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