Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Still kicking, that's me

Have no fear, for I am still here.

God, that was lame.

I am still here, still alive, just a victim of the twirling, whirling, so busy you can stand yourself effects of the Christmas Holidays.
So much in fact that I didn't post at all in December....and I kind of forget that I had a blog. Blog? Me? I have a blog? Oh yea, that thing.

Time to jump back in....and being the lamer I am, I will post some pictures of my Christmas tree. I know no one cares about Christmas trees.

But mine was seriously pretty, so I just have to share.

Cool beans?

Cool beans!


Julie said...

Your tree is gorgeous! You have so many ornaments. Did you get them at Pier 1?

Melissa said...

Thanks Julie!

All but three of my ornaments came from Walmart and Zellars!

nadine jenine said...

oh it was pretty!!

Deb said...

Wow.. prettiest tree i've ever seen. The pictures are gorgeous!

And i have never known anyone else to say cool beans!! I say it all the time lol.