Tuesday, May 19, 2009

9 weeks.....

I'm terrible at keeping updates....just terrible.

I have *knock on wood* been pretty lucky so far pregnancy wise (paranoia aside). I have 'morning sickness', which is more like evening sickness for me. I feel not to bad in the mornings and early afternoon, but it really kicks in around supper time and lasts all night. It's always a treat to go to sleep because I wake up feeling better. I have not been physically sick, but the nausea is enough to keep me on my butt. Not counting the exhaustation....little tasks (like updating my blog) are so daunting. Not too long and I'm in my second trimester!! I hear it's compared to heaven....I can't wait to get there. Now...onto my 9 week survey!!

How far along? 9 weeks

Stat Changes: nausea is still on the baseline....no better, no worse. blech.

Total weight: total gain: two pounds....although the hospital scale weighed me at four pounds heavier than my home scale...I think we are going to become enemies.

Best moment this week: I'll go with my best moment from last week, because I didn't do my 8 week survey. I had an appointment last wednesday and the doctor checked for the babies heart beat!! So I got to see my little beaner on the ultrasound screen and watch his/her little heart flickering away....it was nothing short of amazing!

Worst moment this week: not having Jamie see his little beaner.

Gender: 11 more weeks until I can share that news! But I keep dreaming about our little boy....could it be a sign? No girl dreams as of yet!

Food cravings: junk food.....so not healthy. :/

Aversions: meat.......except the meat in a big mac, which really is that even meat? I can maybe have some with lunch, but I'm just really grossed out by it. Last night for supper I had mashed potatoes and baby carrots.

Belly Button in or out? In! Belly button ring also still in!

What I am looking forward to this week: again, I love each passing day! this is so fun!!

Milestones: having a quick ultrasound and getting to see beaner.

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