Friday, December 31, 2010

in a blink

2010 passed us by

the quickest yet most content fill year yet.
having a new life in 2010 has made the world speed up, yet slow down all at once.
we have experienced so much with this new life that the world seems to have flown by....a high speed photo montage if you will
a scene out of lost in translation
2010 is pegged as our number one year so far

i am fist pumping into 2011....

in 2010....
-we watched our baby celebrate 12 months of life
-we landscaped,
after 4 years of residency in Charlo
-i got bangs
-jamie recovered from his atv accident
-i completed a food and safety audit at work and received certification (!)
-we got a new ride
-i completed maternity leave and went back to work full time; avery goes to daycare
-we went to see the windmills over thanksgiving
-went on an all girls road trip to halifax
-watched our friends move away
-hiked up dalhousie mountain....err hill

xo, melissa

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