Wednesday, December 29, 2010


at one...

-avery says dadda (all the time), mama (rarely), with lots of gibberish in between
-is a daredevil and will climb/jump on anything he can find, or whatever stands in his way
-loves milk and apple juice
-is enraged by tasks he can't complete (opening the fridge, flushing entire toilet paper rolls down the toilet, eating every remote control in sight)
-has been on a six month crawling spree but lacks the confidence (or need?) to walk
-weighs 24 lbs
-loves his bath, but not that interested in story time
-hates to wear his hat (not a good idea in frosty canada)
-loves to laugh and make faces
-is obsessed with cars, especially tiny ones that pose a choke hazard
-will follow you wherever you go, so don't try to get away
-makes my day so bright



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