Monday, February 21, 2011

my new twenties

after a month of sickness, work schedules and snow storms a few of my closets friends/family were able to go out to dinner to celebrate my thirtieth birthday.
after all of my reflections about getting OLDER and all that superficial jazz it was nice to sit down, relax and not actually think about that fact that i'm 30.
i got to think about how much i love to see my friends, and drink, and eat (and not count calories) and laugh and giggle and be crazy.
to act like we are 20 or laugh about when we were 20 and how we are glad we are not 20 anymore...
it was fun...and definitely time that this mama got to have a little social life (even if i didn't get to shake my booty on the dance floor)
to top it off i got way spoiled with gifts....i mean WAY SPOILED.
gift highlights include, well the gift at the top of this post. a bracelet i showed jana in passing when we were looking online one day. one that i would surely never purchase for herself.
but something she remembered and new how special it was.
thank you jana.
i'm so in love...i can't stop staring at it.
other highlights include: this ruche jacket (thanks ash!!)

a gift card to get my nails done (thanks dale!)
100$ gift card @ ruche (thanks j beats!)
50$ spa gift certificate (thanks jess!)
lululemon hoodie (thanks mama!!)
i'm telling you: spoiled
undeserving...but oh so happy that everyone thought of me, and wanted to celebrate with me...and just how lucky i really am.
i love my friends!!
thanks for EVERYTHING!!

xo, melissa

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