Thursday, March 03, 2011

awkward and awesome thursday!!

it's that time again! and i'm finally blogging about it.
i've been leaving myself little a&a notes the past few weeks, but keep forgetting to do an official blog.

so here it is folks....

hitting my finger, hip, elbow on every sharp/hard surface possible this past week...clumisness is at an optimum level
avery's mullet hair (that i can't bear to long until someone asks me 'how old is she?')
trying to convince my boss that i AM in a good mood (when i'm really not)
trying on skirts in the dressing room today and having avery push the door open...niceeeee

new blingy nails! (almost the same as long time, but darker)
having the hubs off work all week (i could really get used to a house husband)
iPad2...the fund has begun
my rad kid: period, end of subject

xo, melissa


Ramsey said...

Ok, LOVE the phone cover you mullets plus babies are the most adorable thing ever. Cuteness expires at the age of about 5. Ok, maybe you could push it at 5, but 20 + and you've got a 90's country one hit wonder in the making. You've got a while.

Popcorn, Pugs & Peonies said...

I could so get used to having a house husband too:) And your nails are pretty.

Candace Stevenson said...

I reallllllllllly like yo nails, miss! Dude I LOVE the Daybook! <3 !

Enter my GIVEAWAY ay-sap! :)

Veronica said...

Wonderful nails! I love them!
Follow me? I'd be very happy if you do it!
Thank you so much!

jana said...

you're right! your nails look totally different in reality than the pic. we MUST take nail pics tomorrow.

ps... my word verification is flemi. i think thats laughable, so i'm sharing.