Thursday, March 10, 2011

awkward and awesome thursday!!!!!

it's's's thursday!!

-getting a nice big splotch of vanilla yogurt on my skirt, 'nuff said
-having my tights press against my belly button ring all day long...ow!
-having to implement a new food safety program at work...not so much awkward as it is painful
-putting a hole in the toe of my tights right as i was leaving for work, not having time to change and having my toe stick out of my tights all day at work (thank goodness for booties!)

-jamie being the 'big spoon' and falling asleep on my side of the bed while we share a pillow
-avery being such a big boy lately with all of his walking, climbing and coloring
-visit from j-bean my former office mate at work today!!
-caramel mocha's
-jamie rattling off his list of monday chores that he completed and his 'you should be proud of me' smile
-finally getting my ruche order (even though it has only been like 9 days since it shipped)

xo, melissa

1 comment:

jana said...

loving the new top!! :)
and caramel mochas... yummm...