Friday, May 13, 2011

date style

 for this edition of date night, jamie and i headed into the hot spot artisan brew pub!
which just started brewing their own yummy beer.
see their blonde brew above.
super tasty, almost too tasty.
i had to limit myself to two or things would have gotten out of hand.
once at the pub we found ourselves smack dab in a trivia match
it was a general theme featuring the alphabet
each answer was one word and started with a letter from the alphabet so we started at a....ended at z
plus some in between fun games, one being comedian clips (which we kicked so much ass at)
we didn't walk away winners (boo!) but we had a good time all the same.
and then we came home and cuddled.

here is my close up of my little *dork* msg to jamie, haha.
i'm such a nice wife.



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