Wednesday, May 04, 2011

jot that down...

 skirt/cardi: ruche, shoes: aldo, tights: zellers, belt: dynamite

 hi friends!
i pulled a smart trick yesterday by putting my 1.5L bottle of water into my work bag without securing the cover...
i wondered why i felt something wet on my leg when i shut the door and then again 
when i got to the car. it wasn't until i was digging in my bag for my work keys when i got to work that i discovered that everything was soaking wet.  my wallet, my papers---basically everything in there was swimming.
just my luck of course.  i didn't notice until today that the little journal i keep in the side pocket was all shrivelled up and basically now unusable.
whenever i see something cute online, on tv or have an idea in my head i like to write it down so that i can come back to later.  i've also been trying to think of some ways to restyle the house so i've been doing some pretty bad sketches of my ideas in there.
bummer town. population: one.  
on the plus side i'm taking a road trip tomorrow to see my one and only and on friday i will have the entire day to wander around the city solo.
sounds like a perfect time to hit up indigio and search for a new journal (with a starbucks in hand)
maybe i'll choose this little pretty?


jana said...

i totally missed this post yesterday!! i was like "man she didnt post her outfit!" but then i saw it on fb, so i was less angry... turns out it was my fault for only seeing the wishlist!! haha

pretty lady!

Heather said...

Those are some insanely cute wedges, I absolutely love them!