Tuesday, May 03, 2011

the one where i miss my hubby...

dress, shoes, socks: ruche

i'll be the first to admit that i'm a big baby with the fact that jamie is gone away for a week. 
usually i'm the one who will go away, or if he goes away it's on the weekend so i'll have plans and not miss him that much (sorta)...
but he's never gone during the week; it's weird!
the house is quiet, there is no lunch can on the counter, no jackets on the couch (heard of closets??)
no alarm clock ringing or someone waking me up by banging around in the bathroom.
i miss my little noise maker!!
i will get to see him in two days so i guess i will survive!!
*disclaimer, i know other ppl are without their other halves for way longer, but i'm having a pity party!!*


ps. i promise sometime soon to stop wearing this dress....



1 comment:

jana said...

i haven't seen my other half in over a week... you're one-point-five days makes me wanna throw a paper ball at your head.

that dress is cute. as long as you dont post two days in a row, its all cool.