Monday, May 16, 2011

seriously, where is spring?

 cardi & gondola tank: ruche; belt: dynamite; navy dress: walmart, shoes: aldo
i'm really annoyed that my hair is sticking up...but not enough to retake pics.
sorry folks!

 i might be the millionth person to complain about this today, but'.cold.out
i shake my fist at you mother nature!!!
where are my warm spring breezes?
the ability to NOT where a jacket?
to be able to pump gas and not get frost bite...
ok, i'm exaggerating, but it's legit too cold out there to be called spring.
and that makes me mad that i have to take pictures indoor, yet again.

i miss you sun!

ps. someone wanted to get in on the picture action today
(i'm sorry he's dressed in daycare clothes)


melissa & avery


jana said...

love the outfit!! and that ave joined in for a pic!! :)

Laura Loves Clothes said...

Good blog! follow me if you want :)

Ashley said...

Aw that last photo is extra sweet! Those shoes make your legs look so long - win!