Sunday, May 08, 2011

wknd recap...

jamie was away this week, so on thursday i took a road trip to spend the remainder of his week with him.
about twenty minutes into the road trip i almost turned around because it was raining so hard that i could barely see the road, and it felt as if i was driving in a river anyways....
i swallowed my frustration and 4.5 hrs later i had arrived at my destination!
hi five for me!
friday i had the day to spend along, which hello, NEVER HAPPENS.
me, with nothing to do? no baby to watch, no laundry to do.
it was kind of a blissful day...once i got used to the fact that i could do whatever i wanted without a time limit.  first on the list, of course was hitting up the mall.
which, only made me realize that with the luxury of online shopping, who needs the mall?
i walked out empty handed after about twenty minutes.
i'm sure that has never happened to me in my life.
next stop was old navy, where i did a repeat of the mall.
up next--homesense.  i love homesense, and i think this was the prettiest one i have ever been too.  there was something i like on every shelf.  if i only had the budget to restyle the house from much prettiness.
i did walk away with a mother's day gift for my mama, and a jamie oliver flavor shaker for me.
after that i hit up indigio, which is such a pretty book store.  all the same items as chapters, but just a much more upscale, stylin' book store.  i loved the large photo wallpaper on the walls.
my last stop was at, of course, starbucks. i treated myself to a frappuccino and a whoopee pie (plus some free wifi)...allowed myself to lounge out there for 40 minutes then it was back to the hotel to nap.
can you say heaven?
such a good day!  jamie joined me a few hours later where we just continued to hang out for the rest of the night.  soaking up every little ounce of solo time.
of course on saturday, we both couldn't wait to see avery, but that alone time really does wonders!!!
can't wait for our next road trip!

ps. that pic of the ipad was one that i was playin' at in store.....i cannot wait for mine to arrive!!!

hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! 
stay tuned for a mama's day update!



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jana said...

yay for awesome weekends!! :)