Thursday, June 23, 2011

best things about best friends

 dress/tights/shoes: where else but ruche?
why haven't jana and i thought about this before? swapping shoes? yes please!! last night, i gave her my chelsea crew brown heels from ruche and took these pretty bow peep toe pumps (also from ruche) off of her hands.  now if i can just get my ass skinny enough i will bug her to trade some dresses!! although i guess i will have to trade my shoes for her dresses since mine are all too big for her! i enjoyed my day in jana's shoes and got lots of compliments on them.
thanks j!




Heidi said...

CUUUUTE outfit! The dress is so pretty, I love polka dots SO much :)

rebecca said...

Oh man that dress is darling!!! And I love those shoes!

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