Tuesday, June 14, 2011

can shoes give you butterflies?

because my new ones totally did today!
on sale and fast shipping, what's not to love?
plus i'm completely in love with the cork heel, the bone color and the strappy detail (especially when wearing tights).  i wavered on these shoes for a few weeks but i'm so glad that i finally took the plunge and bought them.  the bad thing about getting new shoes? the shoe high that comes with them that i immediately want to replace with, you guessed it.....new shoes!! such an obsession!

dress: where else: ruche!
shoes: aldo
tights: walmart 

now i want all of your blog readers to go out and buy new shoes!!




Ashley said...

Favorite outfit post? yes! Love the new shoes, & you are looking especially slim. :)

jana said...

of course shoes can give you butterflies!! after being my bestest bud for how many years, you're only realizing this now???

i cant wait to get my shoes. and those tights. you make them look too awesome.

maggeygrace said...

Those shoes are adorable! I've been dying for some cork wedges. Yours are perfect. I love the red, too! They look wonderful with your shoes and the white colors!