Wednesday, June 29, 2011

finders keepers...

 dress: AE, belt: ruche, shoes: aldo

yesterday evening i found myself face first down into the depths of my closet searching for my elusive skinny jeans.  most people have a pair of fat loose jeans hanging around but since oh, about '02-03 i've kept a pair of 'skinny' jeans....jeans that i do a happy dance in when i can button them (comfortably) and in which i let out a big sigh whenever i can barely fit a leg in them.  these old clunkers are mavi's, size 29....which i'm not even sure are even sized correctly or because sizes of jeans vary so much that they are just stamped with whatever number...sidenote i bought two pair of silver jeans a few weeks ago size 28 so maybe they really are just stamped with a number that you may find yourself happy about....or not.
back to where i started, i like to try these jeans on when i'm trying to drop some poundage because no matter what the scale says, if i can wear these puppies, i know i'm good to go! the last time i wore them for any amount of time was pre-post wedding (when i had lost 15 lbs***). 
today's update: they are about 2" from being able to wear them comfortably.

but while my butt was up in there searching for these jeans i came across this maxi dress that i purchased two? years ago and then completely forgot about.  i think the last time i wore it i was preggers for avery. luckily for me maxi dresses are back in style and i have yet to add one to my wardrobe, but now i don't need to! even though the sun was in hiding today i sported this one to work and was oh some comfy all day long...finders keepers indeed

***going to add a little post on my one going weight loss shortly.




Joanna said...

I was so happy when I fit into my pre-pregancy jeans! Good luck with your journey!

Megan Joy said...

This dress looks so elegant on you. Wonderful color.

-Megan Joy
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